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Nurturing Foundations

Developing Young People & Building Communities

Developing Young People

Nurturing Foundations’ dedicated youth programmes are designed to help our young people develop healthily in the various aspects of their lives.

Welcome to

Nurturing Foundations

Developing Young People & Building Communities

Are you between the ages of 10 and 20? Do you want to invest in good foundations for your future? Let Nurturing Foundations help you along the way.

Our partners

We couldn’t do this on our own. We are grateful for the partnership of young people and the following organisations:


Land Area

Year Founded

Lives Changed

Keeping Abreast

Young People

If you are keen to learn and grow, or just need a place to hang out. Get in touch and we’ll let you know what events we’ve got coming up.


To find out what’s coming up with Nurturing Foundations that your young person could get involved with. Simply get in touch.


We regularly share at large and small events. We can deliver keynote talks on issues affecting young people today. Please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Social Saturdays

We meet on Saturdays during term times at our safe space “Nurturing Foundations Hub, ” a thriving hub for sustainable growth, engagement, education, building skills, aspirations, and resilience in children and young people. Ages 6-16 years old.

To book a place click on the register button below.

Social Saturdays are an annual program split according to term times.

Spring Term runs from (Jan – March)

Summer Term (Apr – June)

Summer Holidays (July – Aug)

Autumn Term (Sept-Dec)

What people say

“My Children are now more organised and focused, less shy and more ambitious, They are able to plan ahead and communicate better which has greatly boosted their confidence and can-do attitude.”


—  Kate, Mother

“I always look forward to the online sessions at the weekend where I can hang out with other young people because I know there’s always a new skill or knowledge to be acquired. I am developing my focus, academic attainment, positivity and self-determination which has tremendously helped with my social skills and mental health.”

—  Timi, Young Person

“I have been a part of this project since 2019 and privileged to speak on topics like “Let’s end hate crime”, Self-esteem and preparing for Excellence. It has been surreal seeing the growth in the leadership skills and confidence of the young people who attend the weekly sessions.”

— Mr Lanre, Volunteer

“Nurturing Foundations is doing a fantastic job of helping their service users and communities cope through the covid-19 crisis.”

—  WeLoveManchester, Organisation